Rethinking sustainability and value through time

Rethinking sustainability and value through time

Vintage, practiced by royals for centuries.

Just like every other industry in the world took a hit with covid-19, the fashion industry was also forced to take a step back and re-evaluate its future. Many elite brands changed their strategies to cater to a more sustainable approach. Many indivituals turning to conscious shopping and considering vintage.

Leading by example is known to be the most effective form of promoting change. After Princess Beatrice was forced to postpone her wedding due to the current pandemic, the Princess opted to wear a vintage wedding gown on loan from Queen Elizabeth ll to tie the knot with Edwardo Mapelli Mozzi on July 17, 2020.

To remain considerate whilst the world facing covid-19, Princess Beatrice forewent the usual lavish public royal wedding in favor of a private intimate ceremory. The Princess also made the strategic decision of borrowing a special gown from her grandmother rather than wearing a new couture piece. The Queens personal dressmakers’ remodelled The Norman Harnell gown to ensure it fit the bride pefectly, they also added sleeves to give the dress a revamped look.

Queen Elizabeth herself also wore the gown on several occassions; most famously to the Lawrence of Arabia film premiere in 1962.

The Princess’s choice of tiara (The Queen Mary Fringe) was also worn by Queen Elizabeth herself on her own wedding ceremony. The tiara originally belonged to Queen Elizabeth’s grandmother Queen Mary. The tiara was crafted in 1919 using a diamond necklace gifted to Queen Mary on her wedding day by Queen Victoria. A timeless approach and a reminder that vintage can be the way of the future.

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